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Gmail sending encrypted emails to the spam folder?!

If you are missing emails from Me or others providers you have reached out to, you may be missing our response because out email to you is ending up in your spam folder!

Many Mistresses and Providers currently use Protonmail as their main correspondence email. For most people in the adult industry privacy is extremely important and we not only take our privacy very seriously, we take the privacy of our admirers, submissives and fans very seriously as well. With out you all I would not be the Mommy Dominatrix that I am, so it’s important that I think about how to best keep your info and emails as safe as possible and I expect that those who want to communicate with Me will be mindful of this as well. Before you reach out to any Mistress or provider I recommend thinking about your own online safety and privacy and ask yourself if you are reaching out and corresponding in ways that have your best interest in mind.

The reason we choose Protonmail is that emails are end to end encrypted. It uses client side encryption, which means emails are encrypted before they are sent out into the internet ether. This works best when both parties messaging are using the same email service. This is a wonderful because it offers privacy to both users from third party viewers, which keeps us all safer. If you are interested in pursuing a professional (or if you would like to up your own privacy game), I recommend creating a Protonmail email address to use, keeping your info and that of the providers safe. This is also a nice way to keep these fun interactions a little more discreet and private by not using a personal or work email that might be subjected to prying eyes!

Learn more about Protonmail and client side encryption and consider making the move to a more secure email for reaching out to your favorite Dominatrix!


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