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What’s in My Travel Toy Bag

For My first mini blog post I thought I would talk about the toys I usually travel with, I spend so much time bouncing from coast to coast I have to travel light and be effective in My choices so I can have fun with all kinds of people.

I am confident I can dominate someone with the contents of the bottom of My purse, so I don’t think toys are specifically needed to have a lot of fun, but it’s still nice to have some of My things while on the road and I reach for the same few toys almost every time!

Adult toys, including rope, whips, leather gloves, a harness, sounds, a paddle and more are sitting in a messy pile on white faux fur

What‘s in the bag?

  1. While I fluctuate on rope vs. leather when I travel, I like to have a few pieces of rope in various lengths and widths and maybe My favorite leather mittens or cuffs.

  2. I love My whips and if I am packing toys Ill travel with at least two, luckily they are light! I also bring leather gloves and a small paddle or cane.

  3. Im always prepared for sharps play! Needles, scalpels and all the tools needed to enjoy them.

  4. My washable harness, various sexy toys, sounding rods and lots of lube.

This spread still gives Me lots of variety and has Me feeling ready for any kind of session from sensual to sadistic!

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