COVID19 is here and does not appear to be going away anytime soon - Lets Keep each other Safe!

I am vaccinated x 3!!


And now able to play much more safely! 

I will still be taking more time between sessions so make sure you prebook as far in advance and you can!

I will continue to prioritize longer sessions and long term engagements.

**My Covid19 rules might become stricter again OR I may ask you to get tested even though I am vaccinated if you have been traveling.


What to expect for In person Sessions

During our initial contact please let Me know if you have traveled or will travel within two weeks of our get together. 

Please also let Me know if you have been vaccinated.

I will also happily wear a mask with you if you would still like to spend our time masked!

The space I take the majority of My sessions in is cleaned regularly throughout each week, as well as in between each session. It is also equipped with an air filtration system that cleans the air every 30 minutes. I will also personally be giving the space an extra wipe down before our session to ensure it is as clean as possible. 

If this all seems like too much for you but you are still interested in connecting reach out about Skype sessions or for custom clips instead!