COVID19 is here and does not appear to be going away anytime soon! If you would like to see me during this time I will expect you to be willing to follow extra protocol to keep us both safer. 

I will only be taking 1 or 2 sessions a month until further notice, I recommend sessions that last 2-6 hours and currently have a 2 hour minimum. All sessions must be pre booked.

If you contact me and there are already others ahead of you in the queue for a session you will have to wait. But I promise I am very much worth that wait! Spreading sessions out will give me the chance to social distance and get tested in between. 

The space I take the majority of my sessions in is cleaned regularly throughout each week, as well as in between each session. It is also equipped with an air filtration system that cleans the air every 30 minutes. I will also personally be giving the space an extra wipe down before our session to ensure it is as clean as possible. 

I am also offering public social distancing sessions for a discounted price, reach out to learn more.

*An example of a public social distance date could be a picnic where you bring me lunch and are my table or maybe shopping while I zap you from afar... I have many ideas and I love any chance to get creative! 

For in person sessions I will now require the following, I will not bend these rule for anyone:

1. Masks will be worn during our session. Please arrive masked and expect to keep it on properly, masks will only be removed for showering. 


2. OR for an unmasked visit you will:

a. obtain a Covid test within three days of our session. 

b. you will practice physical/social distancing & mask wearing for at least two weeks prior our meeting, I will be doing the same.

c. will arrive masked to our meeting even if we intend to remove them.


I will expect to see your test results, with the date during out negotiation, I will gladly share my results with you as well.

*Currently I am being tested every other week.  

*If you do not know where to get tested promptly I will gladly give you a few local options. 

3. I will take your temperature when you arrive and will leave if you have a fever. 50% tribute is still due to me in this scenario. 

4. You commit to rescheduling your session if you are feeling ill for any reason.

If this all seems like too much for you but you are still interested in connecting reach out here about Skype sessions or here for custom clips.