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Gifts are always appreciated and will surely make My day

I love really good weed, fancy Port wine and Gin. 


Gift certificates for lingerie, leather and shoes (inquire for my favorites), Spa trips and Etsy.


House plants and large tips are also big favs!


I enjoy shopping trips or online shop together while I have you in a predicament! I especially love looking for vintage leather and fur, unique housewares and shoes.

*If you really want to show you pay attention keep an eye on My social media for things that I am in need of or want and then send Me a gift certificate for said item, this really shows you are paying attention!


On Going Service through bill payment

Want to make My life easier? Take on one of My bills so I don't have to worry about it! Inquire to see what I would love for you to take care of - this is a great way to directly serve, even from afar!

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