Which side of Dahlia... 

are you ready to get to know?

Between growing up as a theater kid, the years I spent planning upscale kinky parties in San Francisco and My Virgo attention to detail I am the eccentric little secret missing from your life… A Goddess who embodies both Mommy and Bitch, I am one hedonistic and creative minx, I want to explore sexual desire on all its levels and find excitement in our mutual kinks. 

Are you ready to take a leap of faith and join Me on this journey of sexual enlightenment? 

Imagine struggling in My most constrictive leather cuffs while you hang from My ceiling and I whip you till you’re covered in red raised welts or humiliating you for one of your many indiscretions while you lick My leather boots. Think about diving into a wild role play scenario with Me as your sadistic Therapist, salacious Mommy or perverted Catholic school Nun, endlessly teasing you with My immaculate body. Will you be My blood sacrifice or worship My ever growing array of strap-on attachments?

Join Me in My euphoric paradise! 

I take a lot of pride in My ability to create very curated and personal erotic and kinky experiences for My devotees, you just need to decide who you would like to meet when you visit Me; Teacher, Dominatrix or Hedonistic Mistress? 

I especially encourage you to reach out for encounters involving:
- Whipping/Impact Play/Corporal Punishment
- Transformation Fetish - Sex Doll/Toy Fantasies and Bimbofication/Sissification/Gender play

- Role Play - I specifically love domestic, medical, Catholic and interrogation scenarios.
- Piercing/Cutting/Blood Play
- Genitorture  
- Tease and Denial
- Chastity/Orgasm Control
- Fisting/Strap-on

- Bondage - I specifically love mummification/saran wrap/tape as well as leather and metal restrains.
- Gimp Training
- Humiliation/Bullying
- Feet/Boot Worship
- Hairy Body/Long hair worship 
- Smoking/human ashtray 
- Toilet Training 

- Leather and Fur Worship

If I haven't mentioned something feel free to inquire and see if I would be interested. 

Things I do NOT do or enjoy:

- Submission, I do not switch because that is not fun for Me, feel free to book a double with Me and one of my hot switch friends, then we can play with them together!

- Unless you are seeing Me for a specific fetish I do not take outfit requests. If your fetish involves something very specific you would like to worship Me in, buy it for me! 

Read my Covid-19 Safety guidelines here

Schedule an encounter here

***I am also glad to meet with those who are looking for a teacher to help them build their BDSM skill set. For these sessions there is no D/s dynamic, just one on one education. This is great for couples looking to learn together!