Custom Clips

Covid-19 Quarantine Discount! Take $2 off every minute! Meaning $10/minute becomes $8/minute and so on!

For Custom Clips
$10/minute non nude per model 
$12/minute topless or thong per model
$14/minute per nude model 
$15/minute for toys per model 
*plus cost of any special clothes or equipment you want to see in the video. 
Minimum 10 minutes. 

Worn Socks, Hosiery, Panties & Shoes

If you want the privilege of enjoying my scent, here is your chance!

$50 1 Day of wear + $25 for each additional day worn. 

Please ask about period panties!

$100 for 1 pair of well worn stinky Shoes. Inquire about what I have available.


Please send a well thought out and thorough request detailing exactly what kind of clip, polaroid or scent experience you are hoping for. 

For non clip items, I will request a address to ship your purchases to once all details are figured out.

All clothing items sent in the mail will have a $5-$20 shipping cost added depending on item purchased and where you live. 

Request Clip or Worn Clothes